Broomlane Medical CentreExtension and alterations to Broom Lane Medical Centre

Completion Date:
Dr Patel & Partners
John Rickard Associates





Project Description

Phase 1 – Construction of two storey extension to form lift shaft and steel framed extension over existing split level building to provide additional storey of accommodation.

Phase 2 – Provide additional temporary portacabin consulting rooms including all services.

Extensive refurbishment of the existing ground floor and basement.


Due to the ground conditions experienced on the split level site the foundation design was reviewed and foundations for the lift shaft extension were changed to mini driven piles.

The main challenge however was to extend over the existing building whilst maintaining water integrity as the ground floor remained in use by the client.

This was achieved by leaving the existing flat roof deck in place whilst constructing the outer envelope of the extension.

Holes were carefully formed in the existing roof for steelwork connections, up-stands were formed around these and temporary weather seals were made around the new steel as it penetrated the roof.

These measures ensured rainwater could not penetrate the building and avoided disruption and damage to the ground floor.

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