Investing in our people

Quality Built In


We are very much believers in the ethos that people are what makes the company.
People are the most important resource we have and our company places a lot of emphasis on
investing in our people.

This Investment in People includes:-

  • Nurturing a team spirit and support for each other
  • Showing respect
  • Acknowledging and praising good performance and achievements
  • Providing training
  • Rewarding people with good remuneration and profit related bonus
  • Looking after people when they experience difficult times


“I would like to say a thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the new dispensary project. Having looked around the department it looks fantastic and i wanted to thank you all for the work that has gone in my absence. The new department is a credit to the directorate.”

Steve Barker, RHH Pharmacy

“Francis Willis Unit, Extension to form new Seclusion unit – Andy Marshall, Contracts Manager and Keiron Foster Site Manager, managed a logistically challenging project in a highly professional and diligent manner. Both were responsive to the needs of the client and the estates team throughout the construction phase with excellent communication throughout. I would have no hesitation recommending O&P Construction Services for healthcare facility construction work.”

Mark Croft, BA (Hons), MIHEEM


O&P Construction are proud to be part of the following construction frameworks across South Yorkshire.

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