Alterations & Refurbishment to Auction House

at Maltby, Rotherham

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Alterations & Refurbishment to Auction House
at Maltby, Rotherham

Alterations, remodelling and refurbishment of existing ‘shed’ building to provide Auction Building and Viewing area.

Works included new window openings, doors, curtain walling and roller shutters.  Construction of new partitions to form new offices, meeting room, reception, kitchen, toilets and waiting area.

Works also included the following:-

  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Decorating
  • Floor coverings


To existing building was a vast internal area which needed dividing into relevant accommodation including a viewing area where large excavation plan could be inspected during auctions.

To divide of these areas walls as high as 9m were required. Utilizing designed Metsec steel partition systems provided a lightweight, efficient modern solution.

These walls were installed from Scissor lifts in a fraction of the time that masonry would have taken to construct.

The embedded carbon in this method was less the 25% of the alternative masonry solution.

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October 1, 2020


Richie Brothers UK Ltd


Edward Architecture




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