Alterations to Communal Areas
& Re-Roofing Works
for RMBC Flats

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Alterations to Communal Areas
& Re-Roofing Works for RMBC Flats

The works involved two number identical apartment blocks on two different locations.

This included replacement of roof coverings, renewed curtain walling with masonry and new aluminium windows.


The works were completed with all tenants still living within their dwellings so care and consideration was given at all times to prevent damage or disruption, with safety being the project’s main consideration.  Keeping the tenants informed of the works being undertaken with a variety of communication methods for a vast audience range was the key to the success of this project.  The least disruptions to the tenants’ lives while providing the building with a renewed robust external fabric was the key aim of this project.

This was achieved by not only clever segregation with limited space but by completing the short contract period one week before schedule.

O&P Site Supervisor was always on hand to answer any queries or resolve any issues that arose.

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April 1, 2019


Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council


Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council




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