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Refurbishment of Huntsman 5

The project consisted of the refurbishment of the existing Huntsman 5 Ward, which is on an upper floor within the main Huntsman Building on the Northern General Hospital campus.

The project scope comprised of the reconfiguration of key areas, alteration and additions to existing services (including new roof mounted air handling plant) and redecoration/finishes to suit.


This ward refurbishment was the pilot ward for the building. It was the intention that all other schemes moving forward for the building use this ward as a template. It was therefore imperative that every aspect of the scheme was perfect and user friendly. This resulted in a large amount of the scheme being designed and positioned as it was constructed. Regular meetings and walk arounds took place to ensure the rapidly changing designs where correctly implemented on site.

This compiled with the shortage of materials and labour in the aftermath of the initial wave of COVID-19 and Brexit, led to numerous twists, turns and pivots by all involved to complete the scheme on time to allow the ward to be re-occupied.

Project Details


January 1, 2022


Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


HPDA Architecture




Project Gallery

Huntsman Ward 5 Treatment area
Huntsman Ward 5 Windows
Huntsman Ward 5 Orange room

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