RDGH Sitwell WardRotherham District General Hospital – Sitwell Ward

Completion Date:
NHS Rotherham
RDGH Estates Department
May 2012




Project Description

Internal alterations to the current Sitwell Ward which will be split into a Urology Ward, Urology Outpatients and Chemotherapy Suite and Offices.
Works include demolition and construction of new partitions, new doors, finishes and extensive electrical and mechanical works, including ventilation and medical gases.

Working in a fully operation hospital always requires carefully planning and organisation to ensure that the construction works do not have an adverse effect on the critical activities of the hospital.

This project required more planning than most as the drainage along with the hot, cold and heating services for the ward were all fed from the ward below which was in full use

This meant several meetings with RDGH Estates and medical staff to agree a programme of works on the ward below to carry out the works. This was a critical stroke unit providing coronary care so it was vital to minimise the amount of lost bed space.

From the meetings O&P produced a phased programme of works for accessing the ward areas below to carry out the necessary works. Our Site Manager was in daily contact with the Ward Manager and as a result through this programming and liaison the works were successfully completed.


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