RHH Biomed fit outAlterations and refurbishment of Biomedical Engineering Department

Start Date:
Completion Date:
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Self Architects
October 2008
June 2009





Project Description

The main body of work comprised of:

Refurbishment of Equipment workshops, office, washrooms to provide accommodation for the Biomedical engineering Department.

Work was situated on two different floors, one on the 9th floor and one two storeys underground.

Accommodation provided included specialist Radiation protection room and sound proof Audiometry room.


The project presented many challenges including:

Logistics – Deliveries were programmed around normal hospital activities so that lifts could be utilised by agreement to transport materials.

All materials and components were ordered in there smallest increments to enable transportation to the working area to be assembled on site.

Forming opening through 1100mm thick Concrete Wall – The works required a new corridor to be formed through a 1100mm thick concrete wall situated on UA floor two storey’s under the multi storey tower. This presented the problems of cutting the concrete opening and removing approximately 12 ton of concrete whilst minimising noise and vibration due to operating theatres in use on floor above. After considerable research and planning the opening was formed by diamond core drilling to form a slit through the wall then employing a diamond wire saw to cut the concrete into block of approximately half a ton each. These blocks were then extracted by winch and transported on pallet trucks to ground level for collection by grab lorry for crushing and recycling.


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