Technology rooms refitAlteration and Refurbishment to Science and Technology Rooms at St Pius X

Consultant Architect:
Completion Date:
School Governors
AEDAS Architecture
September 2011





Project Description

Alteration and refurbishment of Science & Technology classrooms including new mechanical and electrical services to purpose made science and kitchen benching. The scheme consisted of new floor coverings, suspended ceilings, partition walls, brick walls, sky lights and complete re-decoration of all expose high level lattice work.


The significant challenge faced upon this project was the absolute dead line of four weeks given to have rooms prepared, including complete strip out, removal of asbestos, first fix mechanical and electrical installation, partition walls, forming of new openings in existing walls, services in new floor duct hidden by modern floor coverings along with all high level work complete for the installation of the named contractors purpose made furniture. These processes had to be complete to ensure the rooms were completely water tight and clear with the added complication that it was impossible to gain access to any high level work upon the furniture being fixed into position. This dead line was achieved by extremely careful planning with immediate action taken to any unexpected delay, accelerated by maximum utilisation of the existing service channels in the concrete slab to reduce the breaking out of unnecessary floor area, therefore reducing surface drying time allowing rooms to be accessed by other trades at the earliest possible time.


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