Committed to reducing and enhancing its impact on the environment.

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O & P Construction Services Ltd is committed to reducing and enhancing its impact on the environment.

Environmental Management System

We are committed to systematically managing our environmental impact at our head office and at each stage of our project processes.
These processes are underpinned by our ISO14001 UKAS certified Environmental Management System.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

O & P Construction Service Ltd make sure we understand and comply with our legal obligations and put systems in place to minimise risk and mitigate negative aspects and impacts.

Our projects undergo the following:

  • An environmental assessment with site specific environmental risks identified and plans put in place to mitigate the risks identified.
  • Ongoing environmental review and monitoring.
  • Internal and external audit.
  • A site waste management plan

O & P Construction Ltd commitment to Carbon Net Zero

O & P Construction Services Ltd are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and striving for future carbon neutrality. We have recognised the urgent environmental and business needs to address the impact of climate change and are determined to play our part in reducing carbon gas emissions.
O & P Construction Services Ltd operate an environmental management system which is certified to UKAS 14001:2015. We have clear environmental objectives with SMART actions which support us deliver improved environmental achievements across the business.


In September 2023 we commissioned a CARBON NET ZERO FEASIBILITY STUDY which included a Carbon audit resulting in a Carbon Aspects and Impacts register, an established carbon baseline and a clear carbon reduction plan which we are now working towards. The report recommendations are being prioritised and implemented with the initial recommendation completed.

Based on the carbon reduction plan’s recommendations we now support two projects:

1 – Through our UK project, our credits and support count towards the UK’s commitment to the objectives of the UN Paris Agreement. The logos below show our commitment and the fact our company is ‘Nature Positive’ and will achieve carbon sequestration as the forest develops.

HC Nature Positive accreditedWoodland-carbonICROA accredited

2 – O & P Construction Ltd are also commitment to the United Nations – Clean Development Mechanism project located in India. Our commitment to this project allows us to make claims of being Carbon Neutral and Climate Positive facilities.

Highland Carbon Neutral PAS2060HC Climate Positive accreditedClean Development Mechanism

In addition to the above commitments, we have adopted carbon reduction targets across our business including our core partners / supply chain which we continue to work towards:
We are proud to announce our commitment to delivering Net Zero Carbon across our direct operations by 2040, ahead of the UK Government’s aim for 2050. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment.

Climate Hub

We have registered our commitment to the SME Climate Hub.

SME Climate hub

Our commitment is the official pathway for small and medium sized businesses to join the Race to Zero.

Our commitment is globally recognized by the United Nations’ Race to Zero campaign.


O&P Construction are proud to be part of the following construction frameworks across South Yorkshire.

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