Construction of detached house at Savage Lane, Dore, Sheffield

Completion Date:
John Hill Associates
John Hills Associates Ltd Architect Department
May 2015




Project Description

The project consisted of the extension and alteration of a bungalow for the use of a family with a disabled son.
This included strengthening of the roof to support a hoist system used throughout the house; and the demolition of the existing garage to allow space for an extension containing carers’ sleepover, therapy room and large specialised bathroom. Alteration to the rest of the property included removal of a chimney, doorframe widening, and complete reconfiguration of the internal layout with associated external works.


Challenges for this project were the size of the site and access, both of which were small which made the transport, moving and storage of materials difficult. This also became a problem when a large attenuation system had to be placed in the rear garden due to large water run-off from the surrounding fields at a depth of 4m meters. This was overcome with careful and constant planning of inert collections and discussions with neighbouring houses and farmers who allowed the refuse to be stored temporarily on the fields access track running by the property until such time it could be removed or used on site.

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