O&P Construction Values

Quality Built In

Quality Built In



O & P Construction strongly believes in collaborative working.

Every project is a team effort working in partnership with our clients and their appointed design teams to achieve mutual goals.

We agree clear expectations and work hard to achieve them.

We are easy and open to work with.

We have the patience and understanding to work closely with clients.

We share our financial profitability with our people.


We pride ourselves on completing projects on time.

We always deliver – Quality Built In.

We are determined, experienced and technically qualified to sort problems and buildability issues.

We programme to finish early and never finish late.

We are relentless in planning progress and cost control.


O&P will always adapt to your needs and requirements.

O&P is flexible in its outlook.

O&P constantly reviews its procedures and methods of work.

O&P pools its resources, knowledge, and experience.

O&P anticipates potential issues to avoid problems in the future.


We always deliver what we commit ourselves to.

We strive to do things correctly and not the cheap and easy option.

We anticipate problems and delays and try to solve them in advance.

We always strive to be professional.

We prioritise open and ethical methods.


RespectO&P speaks to people in the way we expect to be spoken to.

O&P recognises how its sites impact on others and works accordingly.

O&P respects our client’s needs and wants.

O&P values the opinions of all its team and clients.

O&P prioritises Health and Safety.

O&P champions sustainability with our in house Environmental Champion, Robert Farrell.


O&P are committed to our company philosophy.

O&P are proud to help our community.

O&P has built its reputation on strong relationships with our people and our clients.

O&P values highly the loyalty of our clients and partners.

O&P is totally committed to nurturing and training our people.


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